woensdag, januari 15, 2003

Sanctity of Life Day

It appears that previously, I only thought I was losing my mind. Confirmation that I actually have lost my mind came this evening while reading that someone named President Bush has declared a National Sanctity of Human Life Day and pledging his administration's commitment to ``build a culture that respects life.''

He proclaimed this Sunday National Sanctity of Human Life Day, urging Americans to mark the occasion at home or in places of worship, to help others in need and to ``reaffirm our commitment to respecting the life and dignity of every human being.'' Good one.

What a noble man, what a noble thought, but I believe some translations are in order.

When President Bush, with the fervent devotion of the intransigent Chimaerae at the National Right to Life clamoring at his side, mutters something unintelligible like the "sanctity of life", what he really means is the sanctity of lives that "don't get in the way" of our beloved billion dollar bombing.

When President Bush says he wants to "build a culture that respects life", what he really means is build cultures that help us "maintain global US pre-eminence, precluding the rise of a great power rival, and shaping the international security order in line with American principles and interests".

I'm not even sure I think we should be celebrating the sanctity of life anyway. First of all, according to World Population Awareness, "there are One billion teenagers just entering their reproductive years - The largest "youthquake" ever. The world is growing by more than 76 million people a year. At the current rate of growth, even accounting for a continual decrease in the growth rate, the world population is headed for double digits within 50 years." Life's nice, but this is a bit overdoing it, isn't it? We barely have enough space to breath here as it is.

Secondly, according to those wacky Raelians, humans are already being cloned. Ok. The Raelians are scam artists and fakirs who want to use space aliens as concubines, but the ability to clone humans is well on its way to fruition. What that means is that in addition to the uncountable masses already reproducing practically out of the womb, mad scientists will be running around making clones of these uncountable masses for years to come.

That's just too many damned people for me. The "sanctity" of life has diminishing returns in my book when there aren't enough Big Macs in the world to feed all those lives, no matter how holy or sacred they are deemed to be.

So if they really want to run around like Henny Pennys screaching and preaching themselves hoarse about the "sanctity of life" and other similarly catchy, though gratuitous slogans, they should start thinking about the rest of us already here. The one's who don't have their little human "dignity and respect" Daisy Cutter bull's eyes painted on their heads yet, that is.

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