woensdag, maart 18, 2009

Shoe Cannons and "Complete Phonies"

I don't which bit is funnier on the absurdity scale:

Dubya Bush, offering to help President Obama by saying that "the president deserves my silence, and if he wants my help he can pick up the phone and call me."

Or the fact that at the building Bush was in

Up to 400 demonstrators chanted and threw shoes outside the venue – though police disabled a makeshift cannon rigged to fire shoes into the street.

Footwear has been collected and a cannon has been constructed to toss shoes at an effigy of the much-maligned leader in homage to the Iraqi reporter who chucked his loafers at Mr. Bush last December and was sentenced last week to three years in prison.

A shoe cannon?
Advise from Bush?

You do the maths.

note how engaged and energised Brown's cabinet members appear...hey Jacqui Smith, how about another Qualude?

And then, over on the other side of the pond, Tory leader David Cameron showed his mastery of the economic crisis and political theory generally by stating:

"I'm glad you are back to reading out quotations. We now know how long a pledge from you lasts. Yesterday you said in the Guardian, 'I personally have always said that modern politics, with its focus on who said what, when and how, is far too divisive to meet the problems of the country'. What a complete phoney!"

Glad to see the deep intellectual debate as the country goes down the pisser.

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