woensdag, maart 04, 2009

POOL SPRAY, new word of the day....

King of the Witless Buffoons

Looks like Sir Chubalard is not going to get centre stage at the auld White House as hoped.

Downing Street officials discovered last night that Prime Minister would not, as had been widely reported, hold a joint press conference with President Obama after their talks at the White House today.

Instead, the White House press office announced what it called a "pool spray" - a few shouted questions from selected agency reporters as the two men sat down for talks and photographers clicked away.


For those of you who have been following the big Pirate Bay Trial may find it more than a bit ironic that Fredrik Neij, one of the PirateBay admins currently on trial in Stockholm, admitted that he rebooted one of the serves right there in the courtroom during closing arguments.

In some sense you might construe this as the biggest ethical trial in recent memory...

Commentary from the Aftonbladet can be found here

”Den som håller i en rock medan någon annan misshandlar en person är delaktig i brottet”, sa åklagare Hans Roswall i sin slutplädering i Pirate Bay-målet i måndags.
Piraterna har medverkat till geschäftliknande kopiering, och för det bör de straffas.
Försvaret menar att verksamheten, tekniskt sett, är lovlig. Att medverkansansvaret måste se annorlunda ut på internet, som bygger på länkar och hänvisningssystem. Ansvaret mellan de åtalade måste individualiseras.
Det kan låta komplicerat, men det duger med ringa kunskaper i upphovsrätt för att förstå vad rättegången egentligen handlar om: etik.

Not a bad movie for a rainy Saturday afternoon:

movie trailer should be self-explanatory but briefly, it's about a town dealing with grief, a university dealing with adversity and a football team needing well, players and coaches.



Panoramic photography knocks out 360 cities, one for every degree, I suppose. Well interesting.

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