dinsdag, maart 03, 2009

America's Republic Party Run By A Radio Ignoramus

Run Captain Pigface, Run!

If you ever needed proof of who runs the Republican Party, here it is.

"What is so strange about being honest and saying I want Barack Obama to fail if his mission is to restructure and re-form this country so that capitalism and individual liberty are not its foundation?" said the Pig Faced Limbaugh.

President Pig Face Wanna Be?

Oh, I dunno, what's so strange about a guy who calls himself a patriot yet at the same time hopes his president fails?

As always, Limbaugh has proven he's a self-serving Machiavellian who wants the Republicans, or his brand of Republicanism to maintain power at all costs. Even if it means his own country fails.

The spineless absence of direction of the Republican Party, who have now confirmed their party chairman is a glorified Uncle Tom, justifies again, as if 8 years of chaos and destruction wasn't sufficient evidence already, that America may have saved itself from irrevocable harm by not proving how ignorant and stupid the population's majority is yet again and voting another Republican in.

Sorry to spew vitriol but any time Rosh Limbaugh has a voice in America, it's an American that is always worse off. Limbaugh is everything that is wrong with American ignorance.

Drink Me Up, Scotty

According to the statistics, every person over 16 drinks an average of 23 units of alcohol every week. That is the equivalent of 570 pints of beer, or 125 bottles of wine, or 42 bottles of vodka a year. More than 1,500 Scots die from alcohol related problems every year.

570 pints of beer a year? How is that alot? That's less than two pints a day. Why the Austrians piss more pints out than that a day

Only drinkers in the Czech Republic consume more beer on average than those in Austria, according to the Austrian Brewers Association.

Association head Markus Liebl said today (Mon) Austrians had consumed 8.6 million hectolitres of beer in 2008, two per cent more than in 2007.

*****I'm Not Hungary, I'm Bloody Starving!

Ferenc Gyurcsany lost big in the Hat-In-Hand-Eurothon this weekend, despite rumours that the crisis had been resolved.

Resultantly, the time to unload your Central European currencies has probably passed.

The forint sank to 306.6 per euro by 1539 GMT, down 2.3 percent from Friday's closing level. It was still off its all-time low of 310 but negative pressure built when agency Fitch cut Hungary's ratings outlook to negative.

Now consider the went through all of this already LAST March and you begin to wonder if this isn't Hungary's new Annual Rite of Spring, the Devaluation of the Forint, the Influx of Eager Tourists, etc.

And if you think Hungary's got it bad off, think about the Ukraine going belly up and running out of hryvnias to pay off the Russian Gas Gods with. Better hope global warming hits Kiev soon.


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