woensdag, maart 19, 2003

Coalition of the Willing

With the faddist legions of the chic supporters of the United States invasion of Iraq growing exponentially, Desultory Turgescence thought it would be appropriate for everyone to take a look at the list of the first 25 of America's growing brigade of supporters.

1. United Kingdom
2. Magic Kingdom
3. Australia
4. Never Never Land
5. Fantasy Island
6. TV Land
7. Oceana
8. Mayberry R.F.D.
9. The Kingdom of Prester John
10. Dominion of Melchizedek
11. Planet of the Apes
12. Candyland
13. Land of the Lost
14. Azkaban
15. The Free Republic of Laputa
16. Oz
17. Aker Wood
18. Olistan
19. Grand Fenwick
20. Pays de L'or Noir
21. Krypton
22. Gilligan's Island
23. Land O'Lakes
24. McDonaldland
25. Kings Island

Note that while the American government is currently claiming an additional 20 nations in the Coalition of the Willing, the research team at Desultory Turgescence has not yet, at the time of publishing, been able to confirm the identity of some of the remaining signatories.

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