woensdag, februari 05, 2003

Due to a challenge issued to me by a Danish malerhjerne, the day's news takes a backseat to an overdue project:

(Jaap's Poem for Kierkegaard's Three Spheres of Existence, the Aesthetic, the Ethical and the Religious):

Reports of Suspicious Activity In The Spheres of Existence

I. Calling Up Souls In Parietal Art

“La qualité esthétique dans le rendu des œuvres individuelles comme dans leur mise en scène sous forme de compositions pleines de force et de vie concourt également au sentiment d'originalité” – Brochure from La Grotte Chavet Pont D’Arc

Plucked from loin to be plunged
Inconversant into cognition,
the anachronistic pleasures manifested
their burlesque of labyrinthine entanglements
lit by a wick of moss,
in last moves toward efflorescence
by combing out a muse’s ceremonial significance,
Gourging on the intimate rituals and symbolism
Of moments, lost
In a foreplay of aesthetics
Toward a trance to mediate the will of the spirits,
hallucinating beasts
until fitfully exhausted.

Connections to the outside world
developed an ichthyosic thickening against
the subtle disorders populating the nervous system:
a prolonged exposure to abstractions
and the suddenly axiomatic awareness of his
nothingness, the solitude of the red
and yellow ochre, the sharp flint points
engraving a leniency in the elbow grease
busying with circumventions,
each subsequent stage of labor
induced in honor of escaping
the dull, regretful lassitude
of pursuing the daily compendium.

II. Resignation's Antidotes and Therapeutic Aims

In this harsh salmagundi, in the
distinct rags of the universal,
a pattern emerges:
the splendor retraces its steps pathologically
looking for the original stitch,
the needle through the artery,
the dominion over the creation.

Constancy and purpose:
the parallactic observations
in need of grounding ennui
and its infinate coordinates
into a teleology reflecting
the effete order.
The mimetic patchwork
is no saviour from decay.
The peril of meaninglessness
remains a hypoglossal jive,
inundating ululations
penetrating the quiddities
with faithful paradoxes.

III. A Commercial Break From All-Consuming Dread

Dichotomies, visible even in the poker face,
contort with uncertainties,
tearing at trussed pathos
until so estranged and familiar,
the triangular veil,
insult after insult,
is removed:
the hairs of clarity stand on edge,
the charge builds up
and fixes its positions
on the obtuse.

Faithful repetition eases the digestion,
converting a degraded temerity
into a fine texture of anamnesis.
The doting enzymes break down
futile resistance into a bile of histrionics
giving it a semblance of solution,
the fissure through which the infinite was peeping.

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