vrijdag, mei 06, 2005

Tony Charles Lynton Blair: White House Poodle or Third Term Wonder?

The son of a barrister has done it again.

They say it is historic third term - historic in that only 22% of those eligible to vote backed Labour - the lowest figure they have received at any post-war election apart from 1983 when the figure was 20.6%.

Another rerun of the Tony Blair Witch Project.

They say he limped away with victory and a bloodied nose on Iraq as well.

Cut down to poodle-size.

Even the Guardian thinks he was cut down to size:

"As the results came in last night it became compellingly clear that enough voters were determined to switch from Labour to other parties - mainly to the Liberal Democrats in safe seats but also to the Tories in southern marginals - for Tony Blair's ascendancy to be brought spectacularly down to earth."

For those of you keeping score at home, here is the voter's scorecard.

FT says Blair's Hope of a Thumping Majority dashed:

"Mr Blair's frozen smile said much. Though a historic victory no Labour government has ever served three successive terms the prime minister's critics will argue with justification that he has lost the magician's touch that powered him to two previous landslides."

And not that it matters to much to some as he may decided to quit sooner than expected to let the other dullard take over.

Indeed, how long will he last?

According to Polly Toynbee, Tony Blair alone bears the blame:

"Tony Blair tried to persuade himself that the Iraq war was a chattering class obsession, but it was everywhere, even among those who usually pay scant attention to foreign policy. It became the symbol and the icon for any disappointment or grievance with the government over the last eight years. It all came down on Tony Blair's head."

Even the NYT got into the act, acknowledging that for Blair, victory was not so sweet this time.

And speaking of what they think in 'Merica, in case you wondered what King Karl Rove thinks of it all...he donned a red rosette and walked away.

Maybe he too realised that Labour is flaccid and empty-headed.

But it could have been worse.

What all this means, of course, that although he has stooped to crawling in a sewer he should never be allowed to rise from, Michael Howard's days are numbered.

Not only that but Shadow education secretary Tim Collins' defeat was a major blow for Howard.

Labour's Jacqui Smith won the majority in my area again although her voting record is rather dodgy.

And how did the REAL alternative perform?

Not too shabbily. They won they're biggest seat total in 76 years.

They heralded a new era.

They may even turn into a reality check.

In the end, after all the money spent, the days campaigning, the words wasted, It was nobody's triumph

Except for Dirty George Galloway, who won his street fight over Oona King

Here's the map in case you are curious about who did what where to whom.

And if you're looking for a bit of lit with your political jones, Maud Newton's there and here edition does it quick and brill.


Other information of note having nothing to do with the UK's elections:

Thursday and Empire is quite a good read.

A long-overdue tribute to Screaming Lord Sutch formerly of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

Verse Daily

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