zondag, maart 05, 2006

Poète, auteur et metteur en scène de théâtre...

"If our life lacks a constant magic
it is because we choose to
observe our acts & lose ourselves
in consideration of their imagined
form instead of being impelled by
their force."

— Antonin Artaud


Paris de nuit, 360 degrees panoramic view...


Meanwhile, US President Bush was over in Asia to give everyone yet another reason to burn flags and start riots and blow shit up.

Nice depiction by our fav cartoonist, Steve Bell, on Bush's visit to India:

(gracias, Fat Buddha

And when he'd had his fun in India, he was off to Pakistan to play some cricket against the (yes, unbelievable but true,)Islamabad College for Boys.

It's a wonder pity he was only hit once.

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