donderdag, juli 07, 2005

Chirac-Fed Terrorists Pay Back London For Olympic Victory and Bad Cuisine

One day after Paris lost their 2012 Olympic bid, Chirac-fed terrorists claimed victory of a different sort, London suffered a series of retaliatory bombings during morning rush hour.

"One cannot trust people whose cuisine is so bad," Chirac noted just a few days before of the English. "They will pay for winning the Olympic bid and they will pay for their rotten fish and chips."

Although Al Qaeda have claimed to be behind the attacks, several sources within the French government have indicated that the attacks were masterminded by Mr Chirac who was reportedly incensed that London was awarded the 2012 Olympic Games rather than Paris and ordered French sous chefs to hide explosives in freshly imported packages of common pan-gallic chauvinism, cleverly disguised as fish and chips newspaper wrap, and place them throughout the London Underground and a few double decker buses.

Chirac officially denied any hand in the attacks and joined the other Group of Eight leaders in condemning them.

"Today we are all les Anglo-Saxons, we are all mass consumers of fish and chips, we are all fat, lager chugging yobs...", Chirac reportedly announced in empathy.

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